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Health & Safety Reports

Why are Health & Safety Reports Important?

We are often asked “Why do I need a Health and Safety Report when we have a Fire Risk Assessment in place? Basically, a Health and Safety report is there to highlight all matters across the block, not just fire related and covers the security, access, waste services, trip hazards, electrical systems and pest control etc The common areas of a block of flats fall under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and an annual report is required to comply with the law.

Sometimes combined with the Fire Risk Assessment a health and safety report for a block of flats is a comprehensive document that assesses and addresses various health and safety aspects within the building. The purpose of the report is to identify potential hazards, evaluate risks, and provide recommendations for ensuring the well-being and safety of the residents and visitors.

Here are examples of what we will be looking for on a typical Health and Safety report.

Fire Safety Evaluation of fire escape routes and exits. Inspection of fire doors, emergency lighting, and firefighting equipment. Assessment of the building’s fire alarm system. Recommendations for improvements or corrective actions.

Maintenance and Electrical Recommendations for maintenance or repairs. Evaluation of the condition of the electrical systems and wiring. Identification of potential electrical hazards. Recommendations for electrical upgrades or repairs.

Asbestos and Substance Referral for the suspected presence of Asbestos. Storage of liquids or potential harmful products

Security and wellbeing Evaluation of building security measures. Assessment of access control systems. Recommendations for enhancing security.

Trips and falls Inspection of common areas, such as corridors, stairwells, and recreational spaces. Assessment of potential safety hazards in these areas. Recommendations for improvements or maintenance.

Health and Hygiene Evaluation of sanitation and hygiene conditions. Assessment of waste disposal practices. Recommendations for maintaining a healthy environment. Referral for any evidence of pest infestation

Emergency Procedures Review of emergency procedures and protocols. Assessment of the effectiveness of evacuation plans. Recommendations for improving emergency preparedness.

Maintenance and Repairs Identification of areas requiring routine maintenance or immediate repairs. Recommendations for addressing maintenance issues promptly.

It’s important to note that the specific content of a health and safety report may vary based on local regulations, the size and design of the building, and the scope of the assessment. Landlords, managing agents, responsible persons or homeowners  can use the report to prioritize safety measures and address any deficiencies or risks identified during the assessment. Regular updates and reviews of the health and safety report are essential to ensure that the building continues to meet safety standards over time especially if there is a high turnover of residents or tenants. While the specific requirement for a health and safety report may not be universally mandated, the overarching obligation to provide a safe living environment is generally recognized and enforced through various legal frameworks. Failure to comply with health and safety regulations can result in legal consequences, fines, or penalties. Therefore, it’s advisable to stay informed about the specific requirements applicable to your block and take proactive measures to maintain a safe and compliant living space.

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The common areas of a block of flats fall under the Health and Safety at Work Act and an annual report is required to comply with the law.

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