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Furnished Holiday Let Compliance


Fire Risk Assessments are now a legal requirement if you rent your property as a short term furnished holiday let. The legislation came into force on the 1st October 2023 in the UK and applies to properties listed on all holiday rental platforms including Airbnb,, Vrbo, Expedia, Agoda etc   

The Fire Safety Order is the main legislation that controls the fire safety of all premises in England. The order applies if anyone pays to stay in your premises, or in a room within your premises, other than to live there permanently. The Fire Safety Order applies to all lets that are not let as a principle residence, even if you rent out a room in your property only once.  

The Fire Safety Order introduces a general duty of fire safety care that your guests can expect including steps for the prevention of fire and the tools in place to assist with safe evacuation. The term “Responsible Person” is used widely within the Fire Safety Order and in the case of the furnished holiday sector, this can be the owner, the letting agent or a specialist fire safety consultant. 

Whoever takes responsibility for this fire risk assessment, it is important to note that all properties are different, as are the people who own, manage or stay in them. What may be considered good enough protection in one premises may not be considered good enough in another. Then there are different rules regarding the number of floors within the property, the number of sleeping guests, whether a flat is purpose built or converted etc etc.

There are a myriad of fire risks within a small paying guest accommodation, all which should be noted and addressed in the fire risk assessment. 

This will include the following..

Electrical Installations and Equipment

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

Smoking Risks (including ashbins)

Arson Risks (including Arson mail bags)

Heating (including boilers and mobile rads)

Cooking (including fire blankets) 

Candles (prohibited use) 

Housekeeping (general) 

Furniture and Furnishings (tested, non flammable)

Contractors (Insurance and Certficated)

Dangerous Substances (storing and disposal of)

You will also need to note the following

Means of Escape, Emergency Escape Lighting, Fire Escape and Direction Signs, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Detection and Alarm System, Smoke Alarm Systems including Testing and Maintenance.     

If this all sounds daunting to you, then you are not alone. Many people are now passing these responsibilities to us, as their expert fire safety specialists. 

As a starting point we will complete a thorough Fire Risk Assessment of your property where we will grade each item as “Trivial”, “Tolerable” or “Action required”. Where a situation or item is noted as “Trivial” it means no action is required and no records need be kept, however the situation should be monitored regularly. 

In respect of “Tolerable” it will mean that no major additional controls will be required, however the situation requires ongoing monitoring and there maybe a need for the consideration of improvements that will involve minor or limited costs. Any “Action Required” situations will need to be actioned immediately.  

In all eventualities we will work with you to find the most cost effective and common sense way to overcome any issues in the report and to get your property fully compliant

Our Furnished Holiday Let Fire Risk Assessments start at £150.00 plus VAT and come with a free Fire Proof Document Bag and Fire Testing Log for you to leave for your guests. So contact us now to book in your survey.

TEL 01202 925958 or complete the online form.  

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There are four different types of fire risk assessment with Type 1 being the most often requested. This is a nondestructive survey of the common parts but Safetec can provide reports for all four types of assessment.

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